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What is GHRP-6?


GHRP-6 is a growth hormone releasing peptide like GHRP-2, but it targets the pituitary to secrete growth hormone that you have stored. GHRP-6 affects the food we intake into our bodies and how much of the food our bodies would absorb as nutrients. GHRP-6 can increase hunger prior to injection. This can affect the hormone ghrelin, which lies in the digestive tract of most humans and is produced by the stomach to signal emptiness. GHRP-6 not only works in releasing stored growth hormones, but also regulates appetite, promotes fat loss in muscle tissues and helps in healing damaged tendons.


Some side effects can include improved sleep and hunger stimulation that should be felt immediately after injection. It is not effective when blood glucose levels are elevated in the body.


What is the dosage amount for GHRP-6 if I use it?


GHRP-6 should be taken 30 minutes after eating and should be injected 2 to 3 times a day with an insulin syringe. However, there should be 3 hours between injections to clear up the receptors for the next dosage. The amount of each GHRp-6 injection should be 100mcg.

How should I store GHRP-6?
GHRp-6 comes as a lyophilized powder. You may have to store GHRP-6 in a cool dry place if you are not using it. However, if you plan to use it, make sure you store the ingredients in a bacteria prevention solution prior to injection.

Are there different dosage amounts for women and men?
GHRP-6 dosage amounts are not affected by sex or gender, men and women can inject 100mcg 2 to 3 times a day and all side effects and outcomes will be the same.


What is growth hormone?

How does growth hormone work?

Growth hormone in the body is released in a pulsating fashion. It has been demonstrated that this pattern promotes growth. The pituitary is capable of rather quickly synthesizing very large amounts of growth hormone which it stores in both a finished and unfinished form. Adults rarely experience growth hormone pulses that completely deplete these stores. As we get older we do not lose the ability to create and store large amounts of growth hormone, rather we experience a diminished capacity to instruct their release. The growth hormone pulse is measured in a wave with the trough being the “off” or non-secretion of growth hormone and the crest being the “on” or highest point during growth hormone secretion.

The volume of growth hormone that is released in the body cannot be properly compared to the administration of synthetic growth hormone for the reason that a set of behavioral characteristics associated with natural growth hormone differ from those of synthetic growth hormone. Therefore attempting to find a natural growth hormone to a synthetic growth hormone equivalency is not very productive because in the end what is probably most important is: The quantity and quality of intracellular signaling events and the degree to which growth hormone stimulates autocrine/paracrine (locally produced/locally used) muscle IGF-1 & post-exercise its splice variant MGF.

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Fragment 176-191?

The HGH Fragment is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 at the C-terminal region of the human growth hormone (HGH). Studies have shown that it works by mimicking the way natural HGH regulates fat metabolism but without the adverse effects on insulin sensitivity (blood sugar) or cell proliferation (muscle growth) that is seen with unmodified HGH. Like unmodified GH, the HGH fragment 176-191 stimulates lipolysis (breaking down of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (the formation of fatty acids and other lipids in the body).

HGH fragment 176-191 is meant to be 12.5 times stronger than human growth hormone (HGH) for weight loss than standard human growth hormone (HGH).

Of particular note is that in studies HGH fragment 176-191 had the ability to increase IGF-1 levels which translates into the fragments ability to give anti-aging effects.

How much Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Fragment 176-191 should be used?

In most studies favorable results have been shown with dosages between 400-600mcg or 4-6mcg/kg split into multiple dosages per day.

What is a typical protocol for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Fragment 176-191?

Studies have suggested the following:
A typical beginner protocol would be:
200mcg before breakfast
200mcg 30 minutes prior to training
Approximately 5-7 days a week – subcutaneous injections

A typical intermediate protocol would be:
250mcg before breakfast
250mcg 30 minutes prior to training
Approximately 5-7 days a week – subcutaneous injections

A typical advance protocol would be:
200mcg before breakfast
200mcg before lunch
200mcg 30 minutes prior to training
7 days a week – subcutaneous injections

When dosing multiple times a day at least 3 hours should separate the administrations.

What are some of the possible side effects with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Fragment 176-191?

Reported side effects have included: hypersomnia (excessive sleeping), insomnia, burning feeling at injection spot (last 10-15 minutes). All side effects went away after 2-3 days of discontinuing use.

Should food be consumed before or after the injection of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Fragment 176-191?
Studies have shown that administration should ideally be done on either an empty stomach or with only protein in the stomach. Fats and carbohydrates blunt growth hormone release. After administering the peptides wait at least 30 minutes to eat. At that point the growth hormone pulse has reached its peak and you can eat what you want.


Long arginine 3-IGF-1, abbreviated as IGF-1 LR3 or as LR3-IGF-1, is a synthetic protein and lengthened….

analog of human insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). The product represents an intermediary metabolite, affecting the GH (growth hormone) level in the human body. IGF-1, also known as somatomedin C, has a number of structural similarities with insulin, hence the substance gets its name. Currently, the original IGF-1 and its modified versions are applied in medical practice, as well as power sports to increase the power indicators of bodybuilders, boost endurance, etc. By its structure and schematics, the modified IGF-1 is the almost complete analog of the original IGF-1. IGF-1 is important for the growth of bones and muscles. The product has a similar effect on the human body and leads to the appearance of identical positive and adverse effects. The main feature that IGF-1 LR3 stands out with is the prolonged effect, the aspect that the rivals cannot boast. The product was originally developed to improve the biological activity of the IGF. The LR3 IGF-1 preparation consists of 83 amino acids that form its effects. In practice and during clinical and laboratory phased studies, it was found that the modified version of IGF-1 is at least 2 times stronger than the original. It is also noteworthy that this peptide has not only a more lasting effect but way more pronounced anabolic effect. Thus, an injection of IGF-LR3 can lead to a significant increase in muscle growth during a short course of use, lasting no more than 4-6 weeks.


IGF-1 LR3 results

In general, IGF-1 LR3 can promote the following positive effects:

1. enhanced rate of transport of amino acids.
2. acceleration of glucose transport in the body.
3. increase in protein synthesis.
4. reduction of protein degradation.
5. increase of RNA synthesis.
6. the effect of subcutaneous fat burning.
7. the impact on the development of muscles and muscle growth.
8. increased power performance and endurance volumes.


IGF-1 LR3 dosage, how to use igf-1 lr3?

The best way to use IGF-1 LR3 & nbsp;is to use it in regulated dosages. Usual dosages of IGF-1 LR3 are 10 mcg to around 50 mcg per day.


Human Growth Hormone 191 AA (HGH191AA) is a peptide, which is used to activate human growth hormone…

It is produced by the pituitary gland and it is made by 191 amino acids. Its main function involves the protein deposition, growth of tissues and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat stores. Growth Hormone is produced at high levels during adolescence. Treatments that use this peptide are focused on the fight against growth hormone deficiency.


How does it work?

The mechanism of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone causes the secretion of Human Growth Hormone during sleep. This process also stimulates the production of somatostatin, which is a peptide hormone that regulates the endocrine system and inhibits insulin and glucagon secretion. HGH191AA enhances anabolism (metabolic pathways that allow the construction of molecules from smaller units), promotes the growth of body cells and in turn, it increases the multiplication rate of these cells.


Results and benefits:

HGH191AA has been used as an anti-aging therapy due to the benefits that it brings to the treatment of age-related degenerative conditions.

Nowadays this peptide is produced in a synthetic manner, but initially, it was not so; in the 1980’s this hormone was extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers, the fact that was linked to fatal brain diseases.

Some bodybuilders who have used this peptide have not had good results due to HGH191AA could promote loss of body fat (derived from the stimulation process of cells that make use of fats). It is a fact that Growth hormone itself stimulates triglyceride hydrolysis in adipose tissue; which gives rise to weight loss.

HGH191AA has the ability to improve healing of injuries. Some tests have shown positive results in the regeneration of damaged cartilage using this peptide along with insulin-growth factor. These derived effects should not be attributed to the peptide by itself. The main agent of this benefit is the liver due to HGH191AA only accomplish a stimulation function of this organ, which is the only one capable of produce insulin-like growth factors but at a limited amount.

Athletes can be benefited of the improvement of their endurance due to the ability of HGH191AA to stimulate the production of red blood cells by a process called erythropoiesis, which at the same time supports the promotion of anabolism.

HGH191AA has none of the side effects observed in anabolic or androgenic steroids (reduction of testosterone production, acne, hair loss, aggressiveness, high estrogen level and increased water retention, among others). However, an important side effect of its use is the low concentration of glucose in the blood called hypoglycemia (can cause symptoms like weakness, hunger, tremor, or dizziness) along with an alteration of thyroid function (altering the release of hormones that control metabolism).



An advisable dose should be supplied by injections for up to five consecutive days letting one or two days off. Users that had used HGH191AA have experimented a noticeable loss of body fat at a dose of 2-6 IU/day, nevertheless required doses could vary from an individual to another.


–What are the side effects of GHRP-2?

-How many times should I use GHRP-2?

-What is the dosage amount for GHRP-2 if I use it?

See below for the answers to the above questions

What is growth hormone releasing peptide?

Growth hormone releasing peptides are several unnatural vitamin D amino acids that stimulate growth hormone releasing activity. They begin the secreting activity of many growth hormones in the body from the pituitary gland in the brain. GHRP-2 can affect the hormones in the stomach based on nutritional intake. The hormone in the stomach that is in charge of hunger is ghrelin and that hormone can deduce hunger or fulfillment from certain foods you ingest. These hormones are different than other growth hormone releasers because they enact a different receptor in the hormone glands altogether.


What is GHRP-2?


GHRP-2 is a growth hormone releaser that does not affect appetite or induce a hunger effect. It is a single chain of six amino acids that can stimulate release of ghrelin or can replace low levels of growth hormone in the body. It is a hormone that can help with fighting anti-aging problems.


What are the side effects of GHRP-2?

Some mild side effects of GHRP-2 include hunger, but it is not as extreme as its counterpart GHRP-6, which can induce high sensations of hunger in the body. Other side effects include: elevated levels of cortisol and prolactin, feeling of lethargy and tiredness, water retention, tingling, numbness and decreased insulin sensitivity.

One positive side effect for body builders who use GHRP-2 can note that the body will have decreased body fat, increase lean body mass, improved sleep, increase in IGF-1 production, increase in bone density and increase in cellular repair. Hence why GHRP-2 and other growth hormone injections are beneficial for bodybuilders seeking to increase muscle mass.


How many times should I use GHRP-2?


GHRP-2 should be used only up to 2-3 times a day.

What is the dosage amount for GHRP-2 if I use it?
GHRP-2 should be used around 100mcg-300mcg per injection. Anyone who uses over 200mcg of GHRP-2 should note the side effects above.


How should I store GHRP-2?


GHRP-2 should be stored in a cool dry place. It is a lyophilized powder, so if it is reconstituted for usage, it should be stored in a refrigerator directly before being used. To reconstitute it should be placed in a bacteria prevention solution prior to injection.


Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF)-1 (4-70), otherwise known as IGF-1 DES, produced in E. coli, is a single…

non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 67 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 7,372 Da. In vitro studies demonstrate that at equal doses DES (1-3) IGF is ten times more potent than IGF-1 at stimulating hypertrophy and proliferation in cultured cells. It is likely generated through post-translational modification in the sequence of circulating mature IGF-1 via protease action.

IGF-1 DES is a cleaved form of IGF-1 and contains amino acids 4-70. This structure has allowed the effects of the IGF-1 protein to be amplified in the more stable form of the DES 1,3 molecule peptide protein fragment of Insulin-like growth factor 1. The IGF-1 DES, or insulin-like growth factor DES, comes from the IGF-1 family of peptides that play important roles in mammalian growth and development. IGF1 mediates many of the growth-promoting effects of growth hormone and IGF-1 DES, although shorter, pacts an equal amount of physiological altering protein physical changes. Early studies showed that growth hormone did not directly stimulate the incorporation of sulfate into cartilage, but rather acted through a serum factor, termed ‘sulfation factor,’ which later became known as ‘somatomedin’ or IGF-1 and more recently through truncation, DES IGF-1.

Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 DES (1-3)
IGF-1 DES and Questions
-What is IGF-1DES?

-How much should I take of IGF-1 DES?

-What are the side effects of IGF-1 DES?

-How should I store IGF-1 DES?


See below for the answers to the above questions


What is IGF-1 DES?


IGF1-DES is an insulin related or insulin analog what the body naturally makes. It effects the hormone system, mostly in the liver, and regulates energy and fat loss. IGF1-DES also spurs cell production and can help with anti-aging or tissue damage.

IGF-1 DES is more powerful than the IGF-1 and its counterpart. It means that even though the chain for IGF-1 DES has a duration period of 20-30 minutes, it can give larger benefits in the long term run. Which means that IGF-1 DES should be administered in the muscles you want to see transform and change overtime using IGF-1 DES.

IGF-1 DES can stimulate tissue growth during training by attaching to the lactic acid being formed by the muscles. Hence why IGF-1 DES can be used much longer than IGF-1 counterparts.


How much IGF-1 DES should I take?


A typical protocol would be:
50-150mcg multiple times a day of IGF-1 DES into the localized region you want to see growth.

Example, if you want to administer 150mcg of IGF-1 DES into the thigh, then you inject directly into the area.

The typical protocol for injection should be:
Administration should be given prior to training into specific target areas.


What are the side effects of IGF-1 DES?

IGF1-DES can increase tumor size in patients who already have cancer. It does not affect anyone who does not have cancer, but can cause tumors to develop after long term use. Hypoglycemia is easy to happen with IGF1-DES due to miscalculation of the dosage or over dosage of the drug itself. Do not use this for headaches, as it can be abused quite easily.

Some positive side effects of IGF1-DES include: regulating fat for use as energy, which can result in fat loss, anti-aging contributions by slowing down aging and boosting cell reduction in the process. Low levels of IGF-1 are linked to heart failure, lower brain cell regulation and neuron function as well as muscle tissue breakdown. So IGF1-DES can help regulate those problem areas, increases nutrient shuttling (aka protein synthesis), increased regenerative functions of nerve tissues and the ability to cause hyperplasia in muscle cells resulting in fuller muscle tissue.


How long should I store IGF-1 DES?

To store IGF1-DES you can store it as a liquid or as a powder in a cool area of the house. If you store it in the fridge, you will have to warm it up to room temperature prior to use


CJC-1295(Without DAC)

CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29) and questions

-What is CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)...

-How much should I take of CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)?
What are the side effects of CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)?
-How should I store CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)?

See below for the answers to the above questions

What is CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)?


CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29) is also known as MOD GRF (1-29) or CJC1295 without DAC. It is a peptide used to increase growth hormones in the body. It is not like its counterpart CJC1295 with DAC. However, like the CJC1295 with DAC, it can aid in fat loss and increase in muscles. Yet, there is a shorter period of time of MOD GRF (1-29) and that allows more doses to be taken than once a week.

How much should I take of CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)?

MOD GRF (1-29) should be taken at the same time with another growth hormone peptide. The dosage amount should be 100 mcg Mod GRF once a day with a GHRP taken immediately after. But it can be taken up to three times a day before a meal so that the nutrition and digestion can help with the enhanced effects.

What are the side effects of CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)?


MOD GRF (1-29) has the same side effects as CJC 1295 with DAC. Some of these side effects are pain from nerve compression (such as carpal tunnel pain), excessive water retention, or reduced insulin sensitivity. If a problem occurs discontinue until the symptoms go away. If you want to continue use, a lower recommended dose of MOD GRF (1-29) should be considered.

How should I store CJC1295 MOD GRF (1-29)?

MOD GRF (1-29) should be mixed with bacterial prevention water or sterile water. MOD GRF (1-29) comes in a powder so you will have to store it in a cool dry place.
Molecular formula: C165H269N47O46

CJC-1295(With DAC)

CJC1295 with DAC and questions

-What is CJC1295 with DAC?


-How much …

should I take of CJC1295 with DAC?
-What are the side effects of CJC1295 with DAC?
-How should I store CJC1295 with DAC?


See below for the answers to the above questions


What is CJC1295 with DAC?

CJC1295 with DAC is also known as CJC1295. This type of peptide is used to increase GH production. However, this increase in growth hormones are also linked to an increase in the IGF-1 insulin peptide in the body. These levels can aid in fat loss and muscle gain.


How much should I take of CJC1295 with DAC?


The recommended dosage is 1000 mcg at a time, twice per week. The DAC will provide a half-life of one week prior to injection and helps with leveling hormone levels in the body.


What are the side effects of CJC1295 with DAC?

There are relatively rare side effects with CJC1295 with DAC. In excessive use of CJC1295 with DAC, there are side effects of nerve compression (such as carpal tunnel pain), excessive water retention, or reduced insulin sensitivity. The solution is to discontinue use until the problem is resolved, and to reduce dosage when resuming use.

How should I store CJC1295 with DAC?

CJC1295 is a lyophilized powder, meaning it must be stored in a cool dry place. Each solution must be made in bacterial prevention water. The injection should be made and used on the same day.